Pepper Wind Syrah Vineyard 

Our Pepper Wind Vineyard sits just under the famous Franschhoek “cloudfall’ created by the consistent South Easterly wind blowing over the Franschhoek Mountains. The wind is responsible for cooling the vineyard in the late afternoon and evening and is instrumental in the ‘peppery’ characteristic found in the wine.

Stone Trail VineyardStone Trail Vineyard 2

Stone Trail Chenin Blanc Vineyard 

The Stone Trail vineyard is 39 years-old and was planted in 1982. It is part of the Old Vine Project and is one of the very few Certified Old Vine Chenin Blanc vineyards in Franschhoek. It grows at an altitude of 380m above sea level and is unirrigated, which gives these berries loads of concentration.

Stone Trail Vineyard 

Grand-mère Semillon Vineyard 

The Grand-mère Semillon vineyards were planted in 1936 and this amazing old vineyard shows such grace and tenacity – exactly like a family matriarch to which the name pays homage. These old bush vines have found perfect balance between vigour and yields over decades, resulting in an excellent, textured wine.

Grand-Mére Old VineGrand-Mére Vineyard 2