Savour The Interesting With Old Road Wine Co.

There is something about an old vine. Something mysterious, intangible but unmistakably distinctive. Its history interwoven with the soil in which it is rooted, branching out to the farm, the town and the wine region surrounding. 

In the Franschhoek Valley, these magnificent old vines have helped to forge a reputation of quality and excellence that spans over generations. As vintners of Franschhoek and keepers of this legacy, we pay tribute to these special vines through the Old Road Wine Co. 

Made in a cellar standing proudly in the towns old main road, they tell the stories that have shaped our history. Of pockets of earth that have yielded the fruit an illustrious industry was founded on by the characters who have now become our legends. 

Of vines revered like a tree of life that gives sustenance to its environment, enduring through time and the harshest elements. 

The stories of these unique vines and people with their rich heritage still resonate in the wines we produce today. 

Wines with character and staying power. Wines which speak not only to the senses, but stir something in the soul.