Meet Ryan: Old Road Wine Co’s Master Vinous Storyteller

Ryan Puttick, winemaker at Old Road Wine Co., grew up on a farm in a remote corner of the Northern Cape. This gave him an appreciation from a young age for cultivation, as well as a love for farm life and getting his hands dirty – buds that would later blossom into a career in wine.   

Through his travels and winemaking experience, Ryan developed a passion for unconventional grape varieties, blending and site-specific wines. He enjoys the artisanal side of making wine – working with individual batches of premium fruit and moulding them on their journey from vineyard to bottle, with the fullest expression of their origin in mind.

When he is not immersing himself in everything wine-related, this outdoor enthusiast enjoys camping with his wife, Kathryn, who is a horse breeder and trainer, and their two young daughters. Mountain biking is another favourite pastime, as well as simply taking a stroll through the vineyards with his two beloved hounds Zeus and Zoe, who are experienced grape tasters.

Being the gregarious person that he is, Ryan believes in the ability of wine to tell a story and bring people together. Wines with character and staying power, and that is what drew him to the Old Road Wine Co. fold – making interesting wines that tell the colourful stories of local legends who shaped the village around the old main road. He feels that these wines speak not only to the senses but also to something in the soul.